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Our designs are as unique as your personality!

Services Overview

Concept development and refinement.

Our designs are influenced by the great works of the “Masters” of the past and the contemporaries of today. This is done in conjunction with the diversity of my personal experiences combined with my academic training in Fine Arts and Graphic Design.

We offer a wide variety of services ranging from marketing promotions to brand development. We come to a sucessful solution by asking these very important questions: Who is your target audience, what image are you trying to portray, who is your main competition, what seprates you from the rest?

This all adds value to your concept, so let us begin!

Main Services

+Ad/Press Kit Design
This is a packaged set of the company’s promotional materials that are placed together to address questions from the media, investors, potential clients and others. The goal of the press kit is to promote the organization. It should grab the reader’s attention, make a lasting impression and create enough buzz that they will contact you for more information.

+Brochures/Magazine Design
The brochures is a advertising tool used to introduce a company and inform potential clients about products and/or services to a target audience.Brochures are distributed by mail, handed personally, placed in brochure racks, or digitally distrubuted via email.

+CD/DVD Cover Design
A CD or DVD cover is a component of the over all packaging design, It is the primary visual marketing tool used to express the concept of the artist or movie that is being promoted.

+Indoor/Outdoor Banners Design
A banner is used to promote an upcoming event, conference, trade show or exhibition. In addition, pop up stands, including straight and curved displays, single and double sided banner stands, big banner stand displays, plus a variety of other exhibit features can be used to enhance the promotion.

+Poster Design
Poster design can be to captivating and informative and used to promote a film,  event, or research displayed inside and on the outside. It combines text and graphics to make a visually pleasing presentation

+Media Design
Multimedia designs are used to promote through compelling forms of communications. Some examples of this form is, web design, video, animation, and power point presentations.

+Package Design
Packaging design has the primary goal to attract customers’ attention as well as protect and preserve the product. It should be attractive, clearly branded, and effectively commmunicate the desired information about the product.

+Web Design/CMS Installation
Web design is used to describe the process relating to the visual and technical design of a website for optimum usability, information, and access, This is usually focusses visual design and geared for a specific target market. CMS  (content mangagement system) allows a website owner to modify their own content (text, images, data, etc) by use of administration tools absent of understanding web design (html, javascript, etc.)

Get To Know More About My Services

In addition, we offer our clients a variety of ways to market a business. Each design is custom to fit your specific business needs.

Promotional Kit Design
Brochure Design
Web Design/Content Management System
Magazine, Book Cover Design, Packaging, etc..

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